Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Nicholas on Mother's Day

This time last year I was at a very low point of my infertility journey. I spent the entire night before, morning of, and some of the afternoon of Mother's Day crying and pleading with God to give me a baby before this year. Well, in October, God answered my prayer. I wanted to start a tradition of writing a post every year on Mother's Day to Nicholas.

Nicholas Allen, you haven't been born yet, but you've already touched my life in so many ways. I spend so much of my time praying for you, dreaming about what you are going to look like, what we are going to do together and what you are going to do as you grow up. I'm so excited and overjoyed at the thought of you joining our family in just a few short weeks. I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was thank God for answering my prayer for you. I loved the fact that as soon as I finished praying you rolled over just to remind me you are there.

You are such an active little boy already, always on the move. I can't wait to see how active you are on the outside! I'm so excited to be a "boy mom" and get to experience life through the eyes of a little boy. It will be such a different experience for our entire family! Over the next two weeks all of our friends and family will be coming together to celebrate your arrival. Everyone is so excited and knows how blessed we are to have you. In all the sad times and struggles we went through to have you, God knew that he was going to bless us in such a wonderful, huge way. He already had plans for you to be part of our family!

This day next year will be even more wonderful than this year. We will have you! We love you, Nicholas and cannot wait to meet you very soon!