Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years 2014

We continued our New Year's tradition of a family friendly, fun night in with friends for New Year's Eve.  Our good friends came over with the kiddos and we had finger food, champagne, and the kids wore pjs and watched movies.  Perfection! 
This bunch always has a fun time together. Love them! 

These three always have fun too!  I have been blessed to have two sweet best friends like Amy and Nicole that understand and live the same crazy busy life we do. 
Nicole and I have spent many, many NYE  together and I think the ones we have spent with our kids have been my favorite. Definitely a LOT different! Ha!

New Year's Day we were lazy other than taking down the Christmas tree. I spent the afternoon on the couch in the sunshine, watching football and reading my new cookbook.  (Thanks Amy!) 

We also ordered our anniversary gift to each other...a new couch!!!  We've been looking at this set for over a year, but finally pulled the trigger on it. Our 10 year old microfiber has taken a beating between our fire, a dog, and wild child! I cannot wait to get it in my living room! 

Nicholas has been playing in his playroom a lot lately and is really developing a love of Legos. 

Because it was NY Day, I made a variation of Nana's black eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, ham, and apple pie for dinner.  No way was I going to risk my luck in 2014 not cooking this meal on NY Day! 

Yesterday we returned back to a normal routine.  I'm a little sad that all of the holidays are over, but happy to have the house and our routine back to normal. I am up now at 3:30am cleaning and just kind of enjoying having my life back in order. Tonight we are meeting the usual friends for pizza and arcade games for the kids after work and I'm excited for a little down time this weekend. The holidays zapped me!