Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

In an attempt to get caught back up, here is our usual weekend wrap up post!  This weekend was a great long weekend that brought back some of our favorite things about Fall: football, consignment sales, pumpkin spice lattes, and hanging out with friends!

Friday night was a personal favorite activity at our house: FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!  For those of you who don't follow me on FB or Instagram, my dad's team is 2-0 so far and we are enjoying every minute of the season!  In the 12 years my dad was retired from coaching, we realized how much we missed this and we do not take any of it for granted now.  The next 3 weeks they are on the road, so I'll just be following along on Twitter (ahem, those of you who are going, be sure to tweet a lot for me!), but Friday night my mom, Nicholas, and I went to the game.  Nicholas had a blast and was totally THAT fan yelling "GO SEAHAWKS!" as loudly as he could and "TOUCHDOWN" even when there wasn't a touchdown!  Haha!
 I had this shirt made for him off of Etsy and it is perfect!  We had them use my dad's old number from when he played and everyone thought it was adorable!  He thought he was such a big boy after the game when he got to put Pawpaw's headset on and look like a coach!  (Yes, he has his pirate umbrella inside a football stadium on a clear night, don't ask! Haha!)
Saturday morning my mom and I went to a consignment sale and I got some CUTE things for Nicholas!  He is going to be soooooo cute in his new stuff!  I'm going to do a consignment post in a few weeks when I've been to all three, but so far he has almost everything he needs including the deal of the day...a new with tags Children's Place 3-in-1 jacket new for $59.95 that we got for $15!!!
There is a local boutique we love, but that Nicholas DOES NOT need to go to because the last time he went it was like a bull in a china shop...literally!  Haha!  Anyway, since we were childless for a few hours, my mom and I swung by there and I found this cup.  How perfect is that?!
Yesterday we had a lazy day and then went over to some friends house for a cookout complete with a band.  It was such a fun night!  Nicholas found his new favorite toy...a drum set.
We had so much fun hanging out with friends, listening to the band, and just enjoying the last official weekend of Summer.  Our friend Scott even jumped in and played harmonica with them.  It was awesome!
My favorite guy and I! 
Our friend Sandy, the hostess of the evening!  Rusty and Sandy definitely know how to throw a party and we are sad we will be out of town for the next one.
Today I spent naptime beginning the task of packing for Disney!  I cannot believe it is so soon!!!  I have found an advantage to planning for 8 months, you can spend time shopping sales and getting souvenirs for better prices.  All of this will be going with us for "Tinker Bell gifts" during the week while we are there.  Only thing I'm waiting on is the shirts I've ordered for him to wear everyday and then I can pack his clothes!  So exciting!!!