Friday, July 5, 2013

Nicholas 3rd Birthday

Monday was a BIG day at our house!  Our sweet boy turned 3 years old!!!  We woke him up a few minutes earlier than normal so we could have breakfast together.  He LOVES cinnamon rolls, but it isn't something we have often, so we had cinnamon rolls complete with a candle on top!
 He didn't believe it was his birthday at first, but once he realized it was, he had a fun day telling EVERYONE he saw!
At 3:00 I left work early and brought cupcakes to Nicholas' class for snack.  I love getting to see him in his classroom environment and having fun with his friends!  It's so hard to believe he will be starting the  preschool room on Monday.  :-(
 For dinner we let him pick hibachi or Mexican and he picked hibachi.  He loves watching the chef and using chop sticks!

While the chef was finishing our meat I looked over and saw that apparently Captain Hook and Peter Pan likes hibachi too!  Hahaha!

We had a great day celebrating our sweet boy that is now such a big boy!  However, I still can't believe sometimes that our baby is so big!