Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today is my 32nd birthday. Because I am all about being real on my blog, I'll be honest. It is strange because for some odd reason this year my birthday has bothered me.  Last night I was on the verge of tears over my birthday, as silly as it seemed. Maybe because I'm getting closer to 35, maybe because its been almost 10 years since I graduated college, I'm not sure. I've also had a lot of anxiety over the fact that I'm already 32 and we are not quite ready for a 2nd baby. I'm anxious over the fact I struggled in my 20's to get pregnant, what will my 30's bring. I also see all of Nicholas' friends and their parents that are still in their 20's and feel like we are "older parents". Basically, it's the 1st year I've ever felt like I am actually getting older.

Today I woke up still feeling sorry for myself and then as I was getting out of the shower, the door bust open and the sweetest little face was smiling as big as he could and loudly said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!!!" At that moment I remembered how it felt when I spent my birthday crying terrified that I would never have a sweet child say that to me and how fortunate I was to have him. He made my day and changed my outlook. He loves me just as I am, even if I am older than most of his friends' parents and he was just excited to wish me, his momma, a happy birthday! He is still the absolute best present I've ever received!

Then I noticed my phone blowing up with birthday wishes and when I got to work I was greeted with a decorated office, several cards, Starbucks gift cards, and even 2 cakes! Again, 32 didn't seem so bad with such wonderful friends and family in my life!

The funniest thing that happened was that my medical assistant, Dana, and Dr. Smith almost forgot my birthday and in an attempt to cover it up, he ran out after he finished operating but before he came to the office to see patients and bought a huge strawberry cheesecake!  It was FABULOUS and totally made up for almost forgetting my birthday!  Haha!

Tonight we went to my parents house to eat homemade lasagna and cake. My sweet boy has told me approximately 45 times today happy birthday and he couldn't wait to give me my presents.  We had to open presents before we ate dinner because he literally cried he was so excited to see what I got. I love his sweet heart! He truly is the best reminder to be thankful for another day, even if it means I'm another year older!

Now I'm going to go take a hot bath, drink some wine, watch Nashville, and enjoy the last couple of hours of a fantastic birthday!  32 isn't so bad this far! :-)