Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Second Birthday Sweet Nicholas

My sweet baby Nicholas, as of today you are no longer a baby.  You are a big boy!!!  Today is your second birthday and I have no idea where the past two years have gone.  It seems like just the other day I was meeting my special miracle boy for the first time.
 I'll never forget the first couple of weeks after you were born and how much I LOVED watching you and Daddy get to know each other.  Those are days that I will always look back on and laugh and cry knowing what amazing days those were.
 The day we brought you home was the very most amazing day of my life.  It was the day we were finally at home just the three of us...and Spencer.  I had waited for that day for almost three years.
So hard to believe it has already been two years!!!

In the past year since we celebrated your 1st birthday you have grown and changed so much both physically and developmentally.  I LOVE looking back at pictures of you as you've grown.  It makes me so happy to see how much you've changed.
 You've become such an independent, happy, fun loving little man!  You LOVE to have a good time and you pretty much have a good time no matter what you are doing.  Everywhere we go people stop us and comment on what a happy, handsome little man you are!
 You are my cuddlebug that LOVES to be held and to give hugs and kisses to everyone you meet.  You love your Mama more than anyone and that secretly makes my heart a little happy. :-)
 You have added such happiness and joy to our lives and to the lives of everyone you meet.  Your teachers, your friends at school parents, and all of your family comment on what a sweet child you are. Nothing makes Mama happier than hearing that.  You have never been at trouble at school for harming anyone else and I hear that you always hug and encourage those that have been hurt.  I love your caring heart.
 You are our good little helper.  You LOVE helping us no matter what we are doing.  You want to be a part of everything and enjoy being a big helper! I am pretty sure your daddy is anxiously awaiting the day you can help with the yard and washing the cars! :-)
Our hearts burst at the cuteness you display on a daily basis.  You have a bubbly, animated, infectious personality that shows through in everything you do.
 You have developed a love for animals and especially dogs and farm animals.  We had your picture made with Easter chickens a few months ago and you loved it.  You were having a bad day and no one would ever believe it based off of your pictures.
 My one wish for you is that as you grow into a little man and away from being our tiny baby, is that you continue to display these traits that have made you who you are at this point.  May you always enjoy yourself, be a caring, loving child and adult, and may you always have compassion for those around you.  We hope that you will always have your priorities of 1. Faith 2. Family 3. Friends and that you never forget the important things in life.  Nicholas Allen, you are our sunshine and no matter how bad our day is, you always bring a smile to our face and happiness in our lives.  Thank you for being such a special, wonderful child.  We love you more than you will ever know!