Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I know this is just two weeks late, but I have been super busy and Michael and I went on a couple week to the beach.  We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend.  First, I opened my blog back public and I want to say welcome back, once again!  I hope you all enjoyed reading back and getting caught up on our lives the past 8 months. :-)  On Saturday afternoon we went over to Nana's new home and had a birthday party for her 82nd birthday with her friends at her home.  She continues to be adjusting, but is doing much better than we ever thought she would.  
 We sat on her little patio and watched her open gifts, but in his usual form, Nicholas stole the show by watering her plants.  Ha!  This is has totally become his favorite activity of the summer so far!
Nicholas and Nana enjoyed some cake with her friends at her table.
Right after I got married, she turned 75 and I found this Precious Moment for her birthday that year.  Those of you who have been reading along or read back to get caught up know how close we are and this PM says so much about us.  I brought it over to her apartment for her to enjoy there.
 As always, Nicholas posed for pictures.  Here he is with my cousins, Katie and Lindsey.
 Along with the fact that Nana is now living in an assisted living, comes the hard task of organizing 49 years worth of antiques, dish sets, and an unbelievable amount of stuff that my Nana has collected.  The only way to describe it is "organized hoarding".  She has everything neatly put away and organized, but never threw anything away...and I mean NOTHING! Ha!  Anyway, my mom, aunts, and I have been working daily for almost three weeks to organize an estate sale for next weekend.  We worked Sunday morning and almost all day on Memorial Day to get somethings sorted and organized.  Michael's parents came and kept Nicholas on Sunday while we worked at Nana's house.  They brought him a new boat for the pool and he loved it!
 My baby is quite the little water bug.  He BEGS to go to the pool and adores his new Pirate ship water table.  He also has quite the little tan...even with 50 SPF!