Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The Ledfords had a wonderful Thanksgiving 2011.  This is going to be a long, picture-filled post, but it is all stuff I want to remember, so be patient. :-)

I had to work Monday and Tuesday, so instead of doing my usual freezer meals for the week on Sunday, I did Thanksgiving casseroles and a pumpkin roll.  I made 2 sweet potato casseroles, one for our house and one for my mom's house, and a broccoli casserole.
Everything froze very well and tasted great on Thursday!  Here is a picture of the roll cut and on a platter.
Wednesday morning I had a list of several things I needed to get done around the house and sweet Nicholas woke up with swollen eyes, a nasty, barking cough, and a runny nose.  We ended up going in to see our doctor and found out he had the croup.  Lovely!  He was given a prescription for a steroid and after a few breathing treatments, he was good as new by Thursday!
 I got everything done and ready to go by eleven o'clock on Wednesday night so that I all I had to do on Thursday was cook casseroles.  It worked out great and I was able to visit with everyone when they arrived around 10:30!  I made this banner a couple of weeks ago with my cricut, but never posted it.  I was really happy how it turned out!
 Nicholas wore this super cute longall by Braylabee's for the Ledford Thanksgiving at our house (we got all of his Thanksgiving clothes there).
 Nicholas was captivated by the Macy's parade.  I took about 5 pictures of him, including one directly in front of him and he never moved! Ha!
 My table and centerpiece.  I love that we always host Thanksgiving for the Ledford Family because it gives me an opportunity to use my fine china and crystal.

 Nicholas is a HUGE eater and he seemed to really enjoy himself! Ha!  He dug in and made a huge mess!  Needless to say, we had to change for round 2 at my parents' house! Haha!
 The buffet...smoked turkey, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, creamed corn, and broccoli casserole.  I cooked it all and I was ready to drop by the time we ate.
 Our 2nd wardrobe of the day.  I think this picture is precious because of how he has his hands in his pockets! Ha!
 Nicholas loves my Nana, who has always been my favorite person in the entire world.  She has dementia and it makes me so happy she has gotten to know him.
As you can see, we had a full, blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are very fortunate to have all that we do and to have the family that we have.  God has definitely blessed us beyond measure.  I always think back to all of those years hoping and praying for a baby and it makes me so much more thankful for our sweet miracle boy!