Thursday, June 16, 2011

Becoming a Big Boy With New Foods

It seems like the past couple of weeks Nicholas has really grown in several different ways!  He has gotten bigger, more independent, *almost* walking, and now eating and drinking whatever he wants!!!

Last Friday night I decided it was time to try some dinosaur pasta (think spaghetti O's, but dinosaurs).  At first he wasn't too sure at all...
After he ate a few bites, I'll let you decide what he thought...
 He LOVED them!!!  Needless to say, he was stripped down and bathed immediately!  Haha!  The next morning we tried blueberry pancakes for the first time...again, a huge hit...he ate TWO! (isn't his bedhead cute?)

I caught this cute picture Friday night.  He was standing at our front door watching Michael talk to the neighbors.  I love how big he looks!

We have slowly been giving him foods that included COOKED dairy, soy, and egg, but of course, still no peanuts.  Today we had our last GI appointment!!!  He gave us the go ahead to give him whole milk. Ms. Carla gave him 2 ounces at lunch (with his taco salad! Ha!) and now he is refusing a bottle and his formula!  He has done fabulous!  Absolutely no signs yet of a problem!!!  I think we are officially weaned from a bottle and formula!

Because I want to remember his weight and length from today's visit, he was 22 pounds exactly and 30.75 inches long!!!  He is definitely getting to be a big boy!!!  That is 90% in height and 25% in weight!