Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feeding Nicholas

Nicholas has been eating solid baby food for almost three months.  Last week we moved up to stage 2 and he LOVES his new entrees.  The question that I have is that he doesn't seem full on just one jar at dinner, so I've been feeding him 2 jars (1 meat and 1 fruit/veggie).  When he eats more than 4oz, I cannot get him to eat a bottle of milk, therefore, not getting enough formula in him a day.
This is an example of his daily menu:
7:00 am jar of cinnamon raisin oatmeal, 6 oz bottle
11:00 am jar of mixed veggies, jar of apples, 6 oz bottle
3:00 pm 8 oz bottle
6:30pm jar of sweet potatoes and chicken, jar of pears (he gets a meat, fruit, and veggie in that meal)
7:30 pm at bedtime 4 oz bottle
Is that ok or any other suggestions on what amount to feed him at each meal?

Yesterday while I was at Babies 'R Us picked up some of their brand Puffs.  He loves them!  It is hard to find some that are both dairy and soy free, but luckily their brand is!  He has also decided he likes apple juice in his sippy cup, but he isn't too sure how to drink it.

I am glad I bought an extra one to take to school with him tomorrow!

For all of you moms out there that feed your baby Beech-Nut stage 2, there is an AWESOME sale at Bi-Lo this week!  They have all stage 2 buy one get one, so it is like paying only $0.29/jar!  I bought 64! Haha!
I haven't given you a coupon update in awhile, so I need to work on that.  One day I will get to it.  This is what I bought today for $40, with a savings of $29!
64 jars Beech-Nut stage 2 food
4 Smartone's meals
2-1 lb ground hamburger

With all of my stockpiles of food I've been buying, that is all I had to buy this week for all three of us to eat without eating out all week!  Not to bad, if I say so myself!