Saturday, January 1, 2011

Six Months

Six months ago our lives changed forever and we were blessed with the sweetest, most precious baby boy.  It has been a wonderful, but honestly, difficult six months.  Usually we invite family over for cake, but this month we decided just to keep it just us since we are just trying to relax this weekend.  Too bad it was just us because SOMEONE wanted a piece of cake! Ha!  I think we are going to need a minimum of three people, one to take the picture, one to hold the cake, and one to hold Nicholas down! Haha!
 Here is the damage that sweet, precious baby did!  Too bad it has dairy and soy, but he just ate a VERY small amount.
 LOVE this month's cake.  SO cute!

Nicholas, what are you up to these days?

  • you weighed 16 pounds and 7 ounces last week when you went for your cold.  We go again on Friday, so I am excited to see how much you weigh now.
  • You are eating 8 oz of food now (7, 11, 3, and 6:30).  You also started eating baby food two weeks ago and so far you have tried squash, apples, bananas, and green beans.  You like it all!  You eat a fruit in the morning, a veggie at lunch, and one of each at dinner.
  • You are still taking your axid, but it was increased to 1.5ml three times a day.
  • You wear 6 months clothes, but still some 3-6 month tops.  You are also in size 2 Huggies.
  • You have gotten to where you let us know you are ready for bed by rubbing your eyes and getting fussy.  We put you in your bed and you go right to sleep...most nights.  However, you still do not like to nap during the day.  You sleep most nights from 7pm - 6:45am.
  • Your favorite toys at the moment are your learn and groove table, Scout, and the jeep walker at your Gigi and Grandpa's house.  
  • You seem to seem to really enjoy school.  Your teacher left the week of Christmas, so you start Monday with a new teacher.  We are hoping that goes well.
  • You have started really noticing Spencer and Beasley (Grandpa's dog).  You love to watch them and to pet them.  So funny!
  • You can sit up on your own now, but fall after about 10 minutes or so.  You are trying to figure out how to crawl, but I think it will still be a few weeks before you take off.
We love you so much and we cannot believe how much you have grown and how much you have grown in our hearts.