Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Lights

One of my all time favorite Christmas traditions was always riding around with my parents to look at Christmas lights.  Michael and have made a point since we've been together (this is our 10th Christmas together!) to do the same at least one night during the season.  Last night and tonight we continued that tradition with our newest little family member.  Last night was somewhat of an epic FAIL.  We drove about 40 miles and only saw one house that was worth it...a mile from our house! Ha!
That picture is just PART of the front!  The sides are decorated too!  Next year we will get out and take Nicholas into the yard to look at it all (seriously y'all, there are cars for a block of people stopped to get out and look!).

Tonight we ate chili (and squash for Little N!) and headed up to Rock City with Melissa and Matt.  Rock City is one of my most favorite places in Chattanooga.  We bought annual passes for our family and we've already been twice!  Michael and I used to go up there every year until we got married, then we just never made it.  Well, we started the tradition back up tonight. He did so good even though it was pretty cold.
 Nicholas was so excited while we waited in the gift shop for Matt & Melissa to buy their tickets.
 You go through a trail through the mountain that has been lit with close to one million lights (according to the sign :).  We saw this dancing elf as we walked along the trail. Haha!
 My boys in the candycane forest
 Our family.  I love this picture.
 Some cute penguins and igloos.
 The three of us at "lover's leap".  This is an outlook that looks over the entire Chattanooga area.
 You can see this big star from downtown Chattanooga.  I see it every night on my way home from work.
 This cute gingerbread house sits on an angle, but I've always thought it was so pretty.
 When we last went about eight years ago, we had our picture taken in front of this tree in the entrance to the courtyard.  I wish I had a scanner to show you that one, but here we are now with our newest addition!  He was so sleepy at the end.  He actually fell asleep and just woke up when we took this.