Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrapup on Monday

We had a good weekend, although it got off to a rather bumpy start.  Michael woke up at 2:45 Friday morning with the same virus Nicholas and I had earlier in the week and needless to say, neither of us got much sleep.  We spent most of Friday evening trying to keep Michael's food down and Nicholas away from him and his germs.  Saturday I had a busy day to say the least!  I am so sad we didn't get any pictures, but I had coffee in the afternoon with my good friend from college, Chea.  She was in town from Dallas and it was great to see her after all these years.  I have really missed her and we HAVE to stay in touch a little better this time!
Saturday evening Nicholas, GiGi, and I went to my cousin's baby, Caleb's 1st birthday party!  It was a cute party and Nicholas had a big time.  He loved watching the older babies and even sat up by himself for the first time, check it out!
 He was so busy playing with Caleb's toys that he would NOT look at the camera for a picture!  He had so much fun he was worn out when we left!
 Wendy, Caleb, and Ryan.  You can read Wendy's blog here.  Be sure to stop by and tell them hello!
 Someone wasn't too happy that he didn't get a cupcake too!
 Sunday we had a lazy day at home other than I ran out for a few minutes to the Just Between Friends consignment sale, but was NOT waiting in line for over an hour to save $20 off Nicholas' Christmas gift.  I'll just pay full price to NOT wait in that line.  We also had a visit from my good friend Michelle from Murfreesboro.  She was one of my biggest supporters and did a lot of praying when I was going through IF.  She had the same problems years ago and knew what I was going through.  She came by to meet our sweet boy, but again, I'm a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures.  When Nicholas started daycare I was given a poster board to make his "about me poster" for the foot of his bed at school.  I finally sat down and worked on it and this is what we finished with.  I'm pretty proud of our first school project! Haha!