Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Melissa!

Nicholas says "Happy 24th Birthday Aunt Melissa!"

Today was Melissa's birthday, so after work I ran home, fed the baby, changed our clothes, and we met the family at Fuji for a Hibachi and sushi dinner.  Nicholas LOVED watching all the activity around us and it was so fun to watch him.
He was truly fascinated!  He was so tired when we got in the car that he went to sleep almost immediately and didn't wake up moving from his seat to his bed.  It was a late night for Little N, but he did great!  He was our entertainment by talking and laughing all night.  He sure knows how to work the crowd! 
Melissa loves Nicholas very much!  He is very lucky to have her as his Aunt.  She has given us a sneak peak of his 4 month pictures here.  I LOVE it!