Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update On Me and Schedules

We had a really busy day yesterday.  Nicholas played and slept while I got ready and then we left to go to my follow up appointment with the urologist.  I received good news that I no longer have an obstruction and the inflammation is getting better.  I go back in two weeks for another follow up to make sure I'm still healing well.  My mom went with us to my appointment to watch Nicholas in the waiting room and in case I was worse and had to be admitted (which they told me would happen if I was worse).    She had quite the wait with Mr. Precious.  I could hear him cry a couple of times from my room while they were in the waiting room.  I was getting worried they would ask them to step outside!  Apparently in the hour I was in the back, he had a bottle, poopy diaper, and walked around the medical mall.  He has to be entertained sometimes!

When we got back to my parents house my Dad saw Nicholas for a few minutes and they were going to go out  to eat dinner.  Nicholas and I were invited (Nicholas better be glad he is so cute, otherwise I don't think we would have been invited after his behavior at the dr office! Just kidding!) to go with them.  He was PERFECT there.  Never even made a sound, just looked around and fell asleep!  He just cracks me up!  

Now that I am feeling better and he is doing well with his new formula and medicine, I need to get him on a pretty good schedule to prepare for daycare.  I go back to work in three weeks and he goes in five weeks.  We have a great morning routine.  He wakes up at 8:00 on the dot, eats takes his medicine, plays for about 30minutes-hour then takes a nap.  After that it kind of goes downhill.  He doesn't do anything on a schedule after his 11:00 or 12:00 bottle (depending on when he goes to sleep, sometimes it is closer to 12).  This is a rough example of his daily schedule, the eating times are a little off because once afternoon hits he eats about 2 oz every 30 minutes until time to eat again.
  • 8:00 - wake up, 5 oz formula
  • 8:30 - play on playgym or tummy time mat
  • 9:15 - nap
  • between 11:00-12:00 - wake up, 5 oz formula
  • 12:30 - nap
  • 2:00 - wake up, 5 oz formula
  • 2:30 play
  • 4:30 - 5 oz formula, VERY fussy until bedtime at this point because he won't take a nap
  • between 7:30-8 - 5 oz formula
  • between 8:30-9 bathtime
  • between 8:30-9 bedtime
  • 4:30 am - 5 oz formula, back to sleep
Our biggest problems are 1. how to get him to eat an entire bottle every three hours in one sitting (like the GI dr wants), 2. sleep on a regular schedule in the afternoon, 3. maybe sleep until closer to 6:30 or 7 so that when he wakes up we are ready to leave for work/daycare????

This is what I found him doing during naptime one day.  Watching his mobile instead of sleeping.

He also wants to take all of his daytime naps in his swing (don't worry, he is usually buckled in with the tray down, I was getting him out and thought he looked cute!).  I know he will not be able to nap in a swing in day care.  HELP!

Playtime!  We love to stare at the lights and animals on our playgym!

Any suggestions????