Monday, July 5, 2010

Nicholas' Birthday

On Wednesday June 30 I had one of the best days I had in months (considering I was pretty sure I was in labor the day before) and after a day filled with spilling a McDonald's Frappe all over me and my Coach purse, getting lunch all over me, eating dinner with my friend Anna, and actually staying up past 10:00 talking to the neighbors; I went to bed around 11. I felt sure that I would still be pregnant by July 7 for my scheduled c-section. I was actually feeling decent for a change (yes, I knew that is a sign of labor)!

At 1:35 am I woke up feeling strange and felt something that made me thing my water had broken. Well, lets just say that I was right! We jumped up, got dressed, and by the time we got to the hospital about an hour later (I checked in at 2:30ish), I was in full blown labor and dilated to 4 1/2-5cm (from 2 on Monday!)!!!! The best part of all of that, the fact that I was able to have a spinal and not general anesthesia! The anesthesiologist on call that night was one of the ones that felt it could safely be attempted with my understanding of the risks. I was so happy, I think the pain might have gone away for a brief minute!

We got to the OR at 3:52 (I can remember seeing the clock) and at 4:28am we welcomed Baby Nicholas into the world.
It is so surreal and wonderful when you've been waiting on your miracle for almost three years. I feel so blessed that I was able to be awake for these moments and more important, that Michael was able to be there.
This picture melts my heart and makes me cry. I literally could have laid there all day and watched them meet each other. It was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.
I was starting to think that he had run out of room the weekend before when it got completely uncomfortable to just sit, lie, stand, ANYTHING. Well, that was for a good reason, he weighed in at 8 pounds and 11 ounces, and 21 1/2 inches long!!!! I am 5'2 with no torso! He has the longest feet and freakishly long toes! Ha!
This is us meeting each other! I am still so overwhelmed at how amazing this moment was and I am SO GRATEFUL that I was able to be awake for it.
This was when I first saw him in recovery and right before I spent the next four hours very sick. I learned one thing, stadol is NOT my friend!
Our amazing OB! We never could have gotten here without him!

Michael, his dad, Granddad, and Nicholas
Meeting my dad for the first time. I didn't get one with my mom and Nicholas and I am sad about that.
Meeting Aunt Melissa for the first time.
Meeting Michael's Mamaw
Meeting my cousin Lindsey
He also received his first birthday gift that morning. A Precious Moments Birthday train. Thank you Aunt Melissa! (Please excuse my ice pack for my nausea! Ha!)
Us about 12 hours after delivery. Poor thing has barely even been awake, even now five days later. The nurses tell us he just isn't ready to wake up yet, I hope that is it.
My best friend, Lauren and her husband Eric came by that night to meet him
With my parents
I LOVE this hat I bought off etsy. I wanted something with his name on it for the nursery. Ha!

This is the story of our first day. I'll try to come back tomorrow with more, but we have a busy day scheduled. We are having some feeding issues, as in he isn't awake long enough to nurse, so we are currently pumping and bottle feeding (which is going MUCH better). Also, we have some friends and family coming by later in the day. My recovery is going well and I do not have to see my Dr until 6 weeks, which almost made me sad when I saw him as I left the hospital. Please continue to pray that Nicholas starts waking up soon and that he becomes a better eater.