Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Day and Birthday Party

This week was so hard on me, I think it was the two car trips and not sleeping well a couple of nights. I had planned to get some rest this weekend, but so far, not so much. Last night I came home and crashed and Michael brought home Outback to go. We walked outside and the neighbors were out, so next thing we know we are outside for two hours talking and it is 10:00!

Today I got up, went for my pedicure, ran some errands, and went by the pregnant girl store to get some t-shirts for work. I have outgrown all of my scrubs. It is a pitiful situation! My scrub pants aren't comfortable anymore and my tops are too short. I also stopped by a scrub store and picked up some ugly unisex pants to get me through until he comes. The one good thing about that is that you get to buy a size down! Ha!

Look who got their Summer do today. He feels much better!
Tonight was our cute neighbor, Jackson's 8th birthday party. No way could we miss that! We love Jackson and his parents and had a great time. It was a Lego Rockband party and it was so cute. I LOVED his Lego cake!
The kids played Lego Rockband for about three hours. I thought this was a cute picture of our other neighbor, James. Notice his mohawk to look like a rocker!

Jackson had a great time opening gifts! He got some cool stuff. It is amazing to me how far toys have come in the past thirty years. Ha!
Tomorrow we are having lunch with Michael's family then celebrating my mom's birthday, so it will be another full day. MAYBE I can crash in between, we'll see.

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Courtney said...

I have a love/hate relationship with busy weekends. I feel blessed that I have places to go but sometimes I just want to stay home and take a nap!