Thursday, March 4, 2010

21 Weeks

How big is Baby? 10 1/2 inches, 12 oz and the size of a carrot.
Total weight gain/loss: 8 pounds last week according to my OB appt.
Maternity clothes? very comfy!
Stretch marks? No, let's pray it stays that way!
Sleep: better since I discovered tylenol PM.
Best moment this week: beginning to start getting his room ready. Desk is on craigslist, starting to box things up and organize his closet, and ordered his bedding!
Movement: LOVING it! He is VERY active!
Food cravings: Mexican, especially chips and salsa. I'm pretty sure Nicholas is going to be a Mexican baby!
Gender: It's A BOY!!!!!! Nicholas Allen Ledford.
Labor Signs: none, thank goodness!
Belly Button in or out? In and I pray it stays that way. It freaks me out for some reason! Ha! What I am looking forward to: the next 20 weeks!
Milestones: Knowing that he will be here in 19 weeks or less!


Anonymous said...

Mexican food is the best. I could live off of chips and salsa!

Beth said...

I have had chips and salsa for the past three nights!